Let’s have coffee in a Traditional Japanese House. Kitamura-chaya.


Hello, how are you doing?

Are you looking for a cafe to stay and relax on the weekend around Hachinohe?

Okay! Let me introduce a cozy cafe in Fukuchi, a small village close to Hachinohe.

The name of the cafe is Kitamura-chaya, きたむら茶屋.

茶屋/Chaya means cafe.


This cafe serves various Soba and self-roasted coffee in a Refurbished Traditional Japanese House.

On entering the cafe, there is a wooden room in which you will be greeted with a variety of locally produced goods that are unique to this area. 

These are toys for cats made from fabric that has traditional Japanese design.

Next to a wooden floor room is a room with Tatami mats.

When guests have lunch, they can choose a table, Kotatsu, or sofa in Engawa.

A sample menu of the available food and drinks sold in the cafe is displayed below. (Please note that some items on the menu are seasonal.)

The base soup of Soba is made using the stock of dried sardines and chicken bones. This can be accompanied with a variety of toppings including natto(fermented soy beans), chicken, or grated yam.

This is 鶏そば全部乗せ/Tori-soba-zenbunose/900yen

鶏そば全部乗せ is topped with all toppings.

Before leaving Kitamura-chaya, how about getting a souvenir for your friends and family?

This cafe is home to “Tonosama-an-pan”. “An-pan” which means red bean paste bun in Japanese is a very popular street food. What makes this “an-pan” so special is that each bun has the Japanese character “殿” engraved onto it. 

This character means “King” in Japanese.

Besides the traditional red bean filling, there are also other seasonal flavors available.

If you would like more information on Kitamura-chaya, please copy and paste “きたむら茶屋&殿様あんぱん” in any internet search engine at your convenience. Alternatively, more information can also be found on their social media below.

Twitter:  @kitamurchaya

Facebook: きたむら茶屋&殿さまあんぱん

Instagram: @kitamuratyaya


Opening hours:

Saturday and Sundays from 11:30 to 14:00

Closed on weekdays.

(Please note this information is correct as of February 2022, changes to their opening hours from end March 2022 will be updated on their social media.)


Address: 青森県三戸郡南部町福田間ノ原43

Please copy and paste on the map.


中平 優希 / Yuki Nakadaira

中平 優希 / Yuki Nakadaira


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